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Private Jet Charter, Rent a Plane or Lease your aircraft—Your Private Jet Options are unlimited –

Customers are totally focused on Pricing–Cheap Charter flights are based on the Twin Turbo King Air. This 8 seat Plane is a great choice for a flight under 600 miles.  Hourly rates range from $1,600- to $1,800 per hour.  Low low rates on this Aircraft for a Vegas Strip  Weekend from $6,600- to $6,800.  

For flights up to 3 hours, upgrade to a Lear 31 with 6-8 seats.  This is a fast plane, you save time and costs since you reduce your charter hours.  Take advantage of a Cheap Charter Flight with a weekend trip from San Diego to Las Vegas for under $9,900-. This includes a Friday/Sunday weekend.  Need a “Cheap Charter Flight” ask us for a quote.

Twin Turbo-King Air, rates from $1,400 to $1,7000 per hour. A very affordable option:

The King Air Turbo offers seating for up to 8 passengers–this aircraft is your best choice for flights under 500 miles.  This plane is very comfortable and has ample space for baggage. Select the King Air or Pilatus C12 for shorter runways.  The aircraft are operated by a Captain and Flight Officer.

Very Light Jets, The Phenom 100, Premier with seating up to 6. Rates from $1,995- to $2,400 per hour. A great option if you like the experience the befits of a Private Jet!

The Phenom 100 Jet is a spacious and comfortable.  The interior is designed by BMW with a large baggage compartment.  The Premier Jet has a larger cabin with seating for up to 6 guests.  The range for the Phenom is 1300 miles (about 3.2 hours flight time.)  This aircraft is an excellent selection for a weekend journey to the California Wineries (Napa Valley or Central Coast).  A great choice for a weekend on the Las Vegas Strip.  Depart from Van Nuys, Long Beach, Bob Hope, John Wayne, Carlsbad or San Diego.  Weekend specials from $9,500- to $9,950-  May we provide you with a quote?

Mid-Sized Jets with 6-9 seats. Ask for a quote

Light and Medium Jets, the Lear 31A, Lear 35 and Lear 60. Rates from $2,400 to $3,500- per hour

Upgrading to a light or medium jet provides you with an enclosed washroom, spacious seats and a larger cabin.  Select this aircraft for trips from Las Vegas to Dallas, Chicago or Seattle.  The forward cabin includes a small bar for refreshments.  The Lear 60 has a range of 4 plus hours.   Have questions cal/ text flight support at P.702-336-7345

Super Midsize and Large Cabin Jets, seating for up to 12 passengers, Rates from $4,400 per hour

Planning a wedding, maybe a coast to coast journey from Miami to Los Angeles to Teterboro New York to Las Vegas do consider thus group of jets which include the Gulfstream 200, Challanger 601.  You will be able to enjoy non-stop flights and the services of a flight attendant.  Our flight team will coordinate any catering requests you may have.

Gulfstream IV, V and Global 7000. Luxury Jets for Long Haul flights–From $6,000 per hour

Are your considering a trip to the Caribbean, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Paris or London.  The Large Cabin Jets provide you with a non-stop range of up to 8,000 plus miles.  Enjoy WiFi Services.

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Special options for cost savings—-best options for travelers with flexible schedules.  Open legs are flights which are operated empty to meet and greet charter guests–or flights which return back to base with no passengers.  Such flights are posted on our in-house system between 10-14 days before departure.  Please ask us for a quote and include the word Open Legs.

Our Flight Support Team will be here to assist you with the planning of your flights.  We may provide you with several aircraft options allowing you to select.  Each quote you receive from JetNetCharters includes the following information:

  • Your flight schedules, flight times in local times.
  • Aircraft photos of the interior seating and exterior of your aircraft options
  • All quotes provide you with a 4% discount from the charter hour costs
  • Upon acceptance of the quote you will receive a Charter Agreement with Guaranteed pricing and payment options.
  • Options include flight insurance and catering options.

All flights depart from Private Airport Lounges, no lines, no waiting for departures or baggage delivery. Our flight team is here to answer any questions you may have at P.702-336-7345. 

May we offer you a free quote?


Private Lounge Departures at LAX/Van Nuys, Bib Hope, Long Beach, John Wayne, Carlsbad, San Diego, Brown Field.  Call us for weekly specials and open leg availability to Hawaii, Europe. Need support please contact us at or  text us at P(1) 702-336-7345.  

Royalty is a owner operator of JetNetCharters–aircraft are sourced from over 50 Plus Alliance Partners with the ARG/US Gold and Platinum ratings.  You pay the FAA Part 135 operators direct and save. 


Small Private Jets

King Air 8 Seat
King Air Twin Turbo

From Private Jet Charters to Jet Hire, Jet Charter flights with leasing option we are pleased to recommend:

Turbo Jets are rated as a best buy and best value- rates start at $1,695- to $1,850 per hour. This aircraft will be able to operate to and from airports with shorter runways.  This aircraft will provide you with up to 8 seats.  Highly recommended for shorter flights up to two hours.  Save with our fast quotes.

Special offers—ask us for great deals in your area:

  • Lear 31A Jet with seating for 6 passengers, weekend departures from San Diego, Carlsbad and John Wayne. Rate of $9,950- includes Friday departure and Return on Sunday. Arrive on the Las Vegas Strip Henderson Airport.  Meet and greet services with a Private Limousine
  • Exclusive Lease Charter option with Gulfstream III with seating for up to 14 travelers–aircraft has new luxury interior. Priced at $19,900 rate includes all fees and taxes—this represents a savings of up to $10,0000- (availability is very limited due to high demand)
  • Ask us for quotes from your hometown airport.

Upgrading to a Very light or Medium Jet is a smart move- the Phenom has a range of up to 3,5 hours and seating for 4 passengers.  With a speed of 380 MPH this aircraft is a great choice for flights to and from Las Vegas and all California Airports.  This includes Van Nuys, Burbank, Long Beach, John Wayne, Carlsbad and the San Diego Airports. Prices for a Las Vegas Weekend (Friday- Sunday) will range from $9,400- to $10,200. Need help, can we assist with fast quotes. No request is too small.

For that very special occasion, a party or wedding consider a Super Midsize Jet with up to 12 seats–or the Gulfstream 200-280 with 9 seats.  Enjoy a large spacious cabin with Lay Flat Seats, WiFi and in-flight entertainment options.  Hourly rates will range from $4,400 to $6,000 per hour.  Yes you can share the charter costs with friends and family.  Please ask us for a quote.

If you’re flying into Vegas, The Wynn Hotel and Casino is the best place in town to stay! Our clients most favorite resorts include the Cosmopolitan (Young and Upscale), the MGM Park. Feel free to ask us for special perks and upgrades.

For support, please contact our Flight Desk at P.725-696-4012  or ask us for a quote.  We help you secure deep discounted Open Legs and One Way Flights with Gulfstream, Lear and Global Jets worldwide.


Jet Net Charters with Private Lounges at LAX/ Van Nuys Signature East West, Burbank, Santa Monica, Long Beach, Ontario, John Wayne (SNA), Carlsbad Palomar, San Diego. Please contact us at 725-696-4012