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Private Jets, Super Bowl 2019 Atlanta


Here is a very special invitation for Las Vegas visitors- this is a special opportunity to fly with your guests on your Private Jet charter to the Superbowl—no lost time since you will return after the game and enjoy a full dinner on-board your Gulfstream Jet.  This is the experience you will enjoy for a long time—feel free to share the costs of your Private Plane with your friends——-

Super Bowl 2019, Feb.3rd at the Atlanta Mercedes Benz Stadium.  Here is a very opportunity to visit the winning team at the Super Bowl game at Atlanta.


Depart from LAX or the Las Vegas Strip for a day journey by Private Plane to Atlanta–you will be leaving in the morning and enjoy a special catered breakfast on your 4 hour flight to the game.  Upon arrival your limousine will take you to the game—— Stay on the Strip at the Wynn-Encore or take advantage of new relationships of Caesars entertainment.

Optionally you may leave for a 3-4 day journey with you and your guests for a complete package with hotel accommodations, pre-game parties and great dining options. For game tickets visit—


Options include the cost efficient Lear Jets with rates from $29,000 to $36,000 from LAX, San Diego or the Las Vegas Strip.  We recommend you upgrade to the Super Midsize Gulfstream 200 with seating for 9 guests. Enjoy WIFI and a wide range of entertainment options.  

Enjoy a wide range of catering options with the services of a Flight Attendant on board your Gulfstream Jet.   Please ask us for detailed quote options which include all the air and ground services. Please ask us for a quote:

  • Your quote includes you flight schedule and airport information in local times
  • Aircraft images are included allowing you to preview your seating and cabin seat map. Exterior photos are included with each quote
  • Prices for Charter hours are fully detailed, this includes landing fees, aircraft parking (if nay) plus applicable taxes (FET 7.5%)
  • Jet Net Charters will be pleased to provide you with menu options for cheese platters, sandwiches or a full breakfast or dinner service. 


You are not far away from out Flight Support team.  Contact our Airport desk at 725-696-4012, no request is too small.

For last minute reservations, please contact Flight Support at P.702-336-7345




Private Jets, Upgrades

Falcon Jet- competing as a long range jet


Are you confused ???—and have difficulties understanding the messages of the industry leaders such as NetJets, Charter jet cards, clubs, fractional ownership?  We share your pain and are on a mission to share our knowledge from our flyers-  with potential clients with you. 

Even our most experienced travelers seem to be searching for the best plane options and prices.  The industry offers a bewildering number searches to  entice you to select their version of a Private Jet Charter. 

Our mission, to provide you with the answers we collect from our own flyers.


Experienced flyers and first time Private Jet Customers have a common goal–how much is the Charter Price.  From this point forward they do not spend sufficient time to understand  the plane. 

In order to secure a “Compelling Offer” they may opt for Memberships or Pricey Jet Cards to lower their investment for a single one time Charter Deal.  Operator and Brokers are eager to secure your long term commitments and forced loyalty with a one time deal.  Your on-going memberships and prepaid Jet Cards are a coveted value and enhances their cash flow!

You may be best served with “On Demand Charters” a category group like Uber of Lyft for the Private Jet Industry. No commitments, you only pay for your flight. No obligations on you part!


One size does not fit all—aircraft builders have done a great job in providing you with airplane  options, designed for your needs. Our client base includes a number of NFL players, they require larger seats and more space.  The smaller seats on the Very Light and Light Seats are designed for a group of people with a “Skinny Postures”.   As a charter buyer, you need to determine if you have any special needs for a spacious, stand-up cabin—or an aircraft equipped with an enclosed washroom.  Using a potty behind a curtain me not be your preferred option.  This is one of the limitations you mat experience on a smaller light jet.

The Very light jet has a range of up to 3,2 hours—- 

Phenom 100, Very Light Jet from JetNetCharters- interior designed by BMW. The Phenom has 4 seats.


Mid-Sized Jets which include the Lear 60 and the Hawker 800 series offer a larger cabin with seating for up to 8 travelers.  Very light Jets have a price tag of about $2,100- per hour. Expect rates from Light Jets and Medium Jets to range from $2,700- to $3,500- per hour.  Most of the mid-sized jets offer an enclosed washroom.  A good reason to avoid the very light jet category with no facilities on all but shorter flights under 90 minutes! 

For most travelers the Medium Jets are a great choice– albeit this aircraft has a limited range of 4 Hours.  Most of our customers who fly from LAX to New York or Miami (A flight of 5 plus hours) will ask us for a Super Medium Jet.  This includes the Gulfstream 200 or the Challenger 601- aircraft in this group are categorized as the “Super Midsize Category”.


Frequent flyers will advise you to consider the Super Mid Size category of aircraft. This includes the Gulfstream 200- 280 with up to 10 seats.  This jet has a large spacious interior with a stand-up ceiling of 6.2 inches.  The seats are very wide an comfortable to meet the needs of the most demanding travelers.  This Jet has a large conference table with seating for 4 travelers.  The entire interior design is spacious and comfortable for a Coast to Coast Journey of 5 plus hours. 

The Cabin interior includes a forward galley and a aft baggage area–just in case you need to reach your laptop in your suitcase during your flight.  As an extra bonus- the G200 has WIFI.  This 10 seat jet represents and great value since the hourly price ranges from $4,700 to $4,900 per hour.  Comparing this price with the Gulfstream IV and 14 seats you will save up to $1,500- per hour.


Before you upgrade to a bigger jet, consider your options.  For flights under one hour the King Air Twin Turbo is an excellent solution.  For longer flights do consider the seating for all your guests and the time you will be flying.  If you’re traveling with younger children a washroom may be required.  For longer flights make certain that you will be able to move about–how about WIFI?

Many flyers stay away from contacting a Private Jet Operator or Broker—they simply do not wish to deal with folks who behave like “used car salesman”.  Feel free to engage with one of our Dispatchers who will provide you with your options and price quotes.  One size does not fit all, we will be here to provide you with Multiple Quotes allowing you to compare several aircraft types and pricing options.  For example you will be able to secure a Mid Sized Jet without the services of a flight attendant on shorter flight segments. Other cost savings include our sandwich offers with custom catering by Whole Foods (  Your transactions are fully private and confidential–we do not share your email address for marketing programs. 

No need to forego a Luxury Experience after you receive a wide range of aircraft and pricing options–our Team Member will be focused on your specific needs.

We limit our offers to “On Demand Charters” only.  You only pay for the charter hours for your flight.  No need to purchase pricey memberships or prepaid jet cards with up front investments of $25,000 to $250,000.  For Executive flyers with up to 250 flying hours such options should be considered. 


All aircraft are sourced from 50 Plus Alliance Partners who meet our most stringent requirements. Such firms are ARG/US Gold-Platinum and or Wyvern Rated. The highest standards for quality and safety in the Aviation Industry.  All firms are FAA Part 135 Certified.  Your quote includes the following:

  • Your proposed flight schedule in local times, based on your request.
  • Photo’s images of the seating and exterior of your aircraft.
  • Detailed costs for your charter flight hours, landing fees and Federal Taxes of 7.5%
  • No hidden fees are charges after your click and buy. All the rates as noted in your charter agreement are guaranteed for up to 72 hours. 
  • All quotes include a 4% discount which applies to payment made to the operator direct via a Bank Wire Transaction.
  • Ask us about our Cancellation and Wellness insurance package

A special message from our Air Concierge Team- we provide full air and ground services with Limousine, Car Rentals, Vacation Packages and day tour packages.  Please ask us for details.

All Jet Net Charters departures from Private Airport Lounges at Signature LAX- Van Nuys, John Wayne SNA and LAS Strip Locations. Contact us at 702-336-7345 during business hours. Please ask us for quotes for all types of aircraft.






Private Jets- Holiday Specials

Aspen the mountain is waiting for you


Some like it cold and others prefer a warmer destination. Here are some suggestions.  Most of our travelers prefer the Colorado Rockies with Aspen as the most preferred destination.  Don’t overlook the 12 Top Rated Resorts in Switzerland for 2018. This includes places like Zermatt with a vertical drop of 2,133 meters. Zermat, St. Moritz the most famous place of the 1928 and 1948 Winter Olympics. With over 20 lifts this place is great for beginners and experienced skiers like you.

The Global 6000 with 14 seats is the perfect choice for your ski group of family. Fly directly to your resort and avoid connections and layovers.  Enjoy more time on the mountains and less time in airport terminals.  Zurich and Geneva are the major gateways for your European Ski Journey.


Pressed for time—looking for a great family destination fly non-stop to the Hawaiian Islands, great places to visit by private Jet include Kona, Maui and Honolulu.  Leave from your hometown airport.  Consider the Gulfstream IV with 14 seats and a most comfortable cabin for your family and friends. Rates fro a 4 days extended weekend from $75,000 from most airports in the Western States.  We will be delighted to help you plan a complete package including your flight, resort or luxury home stay.  Or consider the new Aulani Disney a great place for kids or grownups.


You options are unlimited, each option provides you with the time savings of a Luxury Jet and a totally “hassle free” journey.  One of our Air Concierges and Certified Travel Planners will be here to help you visit your most favorite places.  Make it a weekend or day journey to places like Disneyland or the Napa Valley to visit the California Wineries.


Super Bowl LIII

You can make to the game with your private jet and return the same evening after the game—or extend you stay to a full weekend with a complete package.  Our Air Concierge Team will be pleased to provide you with a complete package which includes your tickets, hotel accommodations and transfers. Please contact us at  Do include your special requirements or contact our Support Desk at P.(1) 725-696-4012


Private Jet costs reductions could be yours, please explore our “Open Legs” for discounts which range from 30-40%.  Please search or list of open legs, dates are posted on Dec 20th, 2018. Please ask us for updated availability.  You now will be able to experience a Gulfstream IV with 14 seats and a luxury Cabin with a price reduction for $7,000 per hour to a new price of only $4,200 per hour.  For last minute availability contact our Airport Desk at P.(1) 725-696-4012, one of our Team Members will be able to assist. At most locations we offer “Wheels Up” Departures within two hours.


Please feel free to ask us about all types of Private Jet Options- You quote will be based on the lowest costs for “On Demand Charters”.  No need to join a membership club to secure the lowest rates for Private Jets. We do not offer jet cards with up-front investments of $5,000 to $25,000.


Jet Net Charters, Serving over 4,000 airports with Private Lounge Departures at Signature FBO’s.  Contact us at P.(1) 725-696-4012.  Benefit from a wide selection of aircraft with 4-19 seats–all sourced from our Fifty Plus Alliance Partners with the Highest Safety and Quality Ratings–ARG/US Gold-Platinum.







Private Jets- Experience the Difference


Owning your own aircraft is one of the most coveted options- it also requires a significant investment in crew costs, maintenance and a team to ensure that all the FAA procedures are being followed.  Traditional investment options included Fractional Ownership with part use of a specific type aircraft. Moving forward major operators which include Net Jet Charters have introduced wide range of new options.  They may represent and excellent option for travelers who fly 200 plus hours per year.

Highly recommended explore all venues and seek legal expertise.


“On Demand Charters” provide you with an options which is totally free on any obligations from your side. You only pay for the aircraft hours flown to service your flights.  Your advantage no payments for Memberships or requirement to prepay pricey jet-cards. You may find that this type of charter is a best buy for you and your family.

Full transparency in rate quotes provides you with detailed flights schedules and hours flown.  This may include the flight hours from the Operator Base to your pick-up airport and the return of the jet to it’s home-base. 


Over 80% of all our Private Jet flyers will secure a Private Jet based on price—this process is close to risk free.  However on longer flights consider the seating and interior of your flight. Low ceiling heights mean less space to move about, socialize with your guests. Avoid a disappointing journey and consider your options before you’re totally focused on the bottom line.

For flights under 500 miles, don’t overlook the King Air a Twin Turbo Aircraft with charter rates from $1,400- to $1,700- per hour.  Do insist on a crew of two pilots for an extra margin of safety.

Over 70% of all flights are under 1,500 miles.  Upgrading to a very light is one of your options.  Most preferred in the group is the Phenom 100 jets with seating for 4 passengers. The spacious interior cabin is designed by BMW– this jet offers a speed of 380 miles per hour and a range of 3.2 hours.  Charter rates from $1,995- to $2,100- per hour.  This jet has some performance issues in very hot and cold weather–not uncommon for may aircraft including commercial jets.


For flights within the US the “Super Midsize Group” of aircraft is you best choice.  This includes the Bombardier Challenger 601-604 group with up to 12 seats. as an alternative  the Gulfstream 200- 280 series with 9 or 10 seats is better choice.

Ask for the Cabin dimensions, look for a ceiling height of 6 plus feet with spacious seating for a business meeting or in-flight dining. Expect a full galley and spacious washroom. The Gulfstream Jets have a large baggage room in the aft section. Make certain that your jet is WIFI enabled.


The 14 seats Gulfstream IV and V series are you very best options. In the same group consider the Global 7000.  Expect costs for  hourly charter prices from $6,000 to $7,500 per hour.  Seating options will range from 12 to 14 passengers with up to 7 lay flat seats for International flights.  All aircraft in the Luxury Category will fully satisfy your highest expectations.


Private Jet flyers with “Flexible Schedules” are encouraged to consider “open legs” with cost savings from 30-40. Open legs are a result of aircraft flying without passengers to pick-up points.  They also take place after the crew delivers a charter client and returns empty to base.  The best time to consider open leg options is from 3-13 days before your departure.  


JET NET CHARTERS has over 50 plus Alliance partners. Aircraft are sourced from corporate owners and private parties which deploy their resources to generate revenues to offset ownership costs. All aircraft are ARG/US Gold or Platinum rated –providing you with the highest quality and safety ratings.  It’s our mission to introduce you to he very best FAA Part 135 Operators for your Private Flights.

Luxury seating for 14 guests- Jet Net Charters


Hourly rates will range from $4,500- to $4,700 per hour.  You may be able to secure special one way rates of discounted open legs with cost savings from 30-40%. 


Our mission to provide you with the best options considering your flight schedule and number of guests.  Multiple quote allow you to compare several plane types and view costs side by side.  For support contact us at (1) 702-336-7345.


Private Lounges at LAX, Signature East, West at the Van Nuys Airport, Los Angeles Int’l, Long Beach, John Wayne, Carlsbad- Palomar, San Diego and Brown Field. Contact us at CharterTeam@JetNetCharters, airport phone 702-336-7345




Private Jets- Hot destinations for the Holidays


“Sizzling Hot for Thanksgivings and New Years. New places like the NoMad is creating a niche boutique hotel within the newly rebuild MGM Park Resort.  The Park will be hosting Lady Gaga.  The NoMad is an intersection between the old and the new. The property has a number over-the-top accommodations for entertaining with custom furniture. Some have full sized billiards table. The Restaurant is a winner–my personal suggestion, do make reservations. My favorite the Apple Salad and the Filet.  A great selection of wine and superb service will not disappoint. visit the Park.

The Wynn-Encore is the most favorite for our Casino Guests.  Baccarat is the game of choice, plus a great intimate sports-book is the big attraction for our Luxury Flyers.  The also prefer the G200 Super Midsize Jet as their choice for a Luxury Experience.  

Need introductions to the most Senior Casino Hosts to benefit for complimentary services extended to serious players–please contact us for a introduction with full respect for your privacy.


Aspen and Vail are on top of bookings for the Xmas and New Years holiday.  Early bookings provide you with guaranteed landing slots- you will be able to reserve the very best times for your arrival and departure.  Great choices include the Lear 60 and Challenger with seating for up to 12 travelers—share the ride and enjoy.  Please ask us for quotes.

Super Bowl LIII

Super Bowl LIII
Super Bowl LIII, the 53rd Super Bowl and the 49th modern-era National Football League championship game, will decide the league champion for the 2018 NFL season. The game is scheduled to be played on February 3, 2019, at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. This will be the third Super Bowl in Atlanta, having previously hosted Super Bowl XXVIII in 1994 and Super Bowl XXXIV in 2000 at the Georgia Dome.

So far early bookings for the game have surpassed our previous records for 2017 and 2018.  The preferred aircraft include the Gulfstream IV with 14 seats.  Our Dispatchers will secure overnight parking spaces for the aircraft and rooms for the flight crews.  Book early and benefit from availability of all types of aircraft.


Tempting rates for the year 2019— rates from LAX to airports in Hawaii from $70,000 with a four day stay.  Our Concierges will be here to help with special upgrades at the 4 Seasons properties and other luxury resorts.  Hawaii is the destination of choice for family visits, weddings and corporate incentive groups.  You’re invited to ask us for quotes and options.  Aircraft options include the 14 Seat Gulfstream IV with WIFI.  

Flying Private allows you to extend your time in the ground–you may avoid up to 2 days of travel time.  We will schedule your flights from Private Airport Lounges.  Comfortable places to meet with your friends and guests, no lines and no waiting.  Our Team of Dispatchers and Air Concierges will take care of all your needs, on the ground and in the air.  

We will be here to help you plan your journey.  All quotes are based on “On Demand Charters” with a compelling rate structure.  No need to purchase Memberships.  You will be able to avoid investments in pricey prepaid jet cards.


Small Private Jets

Take advantage of our wide selections of Light Jets:

King Air 8 Seat
King Air Twin Turbo

Turbo Jets are rated as a best buy and best value- rates start at $1,695- to $1,850 per hour. This aircraft will be able to operate to and from airports with shorter runways.  This aircraft will provide you with up to 8 seats.  Highly recommended for shorter flights up to two hours.  Minimum charges for 2 hours plus tax.

Upgrading to a Very light or Medium Jet is a smart move- the Phenom has a range of up to 3,5 hours and seating for 4 passengers.  With a speed of 380 MPH this aircraft is a great choice for flights to and from Las Vegas and all California Airports.  This includes Van Nuys, Burbank, Long Beach, John Wayne, Carlsbad and the San Diego Airports. Prices for a Las Vegas Weekend (Friday- Sunday) will range from $9,400- to $10,200.

For that very special occasion, a party or wedding consider a Super Midsize Jet with up to 12 seats–or the Gulfstream 200-280 with 9 seats.  Enjoy a large spacious cabin with Lay Flat Seats, WiFi and in-flight entertainment options.  Hourly rates will range from $4,400 to $6,000 per hour.  Yes you can share the charter costs with friends and family.  Please ask us for a quote.

If you’re flying into Vegas, The Wynn Hotel and Casino is the best place in town to stay!

For support, please contact our Flight Desk at P.702-336-7345 or ask us for a quote