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HOW MUCH IS A PRIVATE JET:  Air Carriers have the ability to publish rates since aircraft are operated on the same flight segments. Aircraft constantly move to various locations. Charter flights operate within 4,000 airports in the USA.  Jet Net Charters deploys the latest technologies to provide you with “cost effective” charter costs.  This includes pricing for most recent charters and hourly charter fees.  Our Business Travelers will use a Private Plane for multiple stops in a single day or week.

TAKE ADVANTAGE:  Benefit from 50 Plus Alliance partners who provide you with preferred rates and discounts. Each quote includes special Perks for you to enjoy and save.

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  • DON’T OVERBUY:  Consider the number of seats you need. Larger aircraft provide you with more space–however they cost more per charter hour.  70% of all flights are under 1500 miles. Consider a Very Light or Light Jet. The Phenom 100 has 4 seats, the Lear 35A has 7
  • GREATER SAVINGS:  Whenever possible make it a one to three day journey.  The Private Plane will stay with you–reducing the costs for empty trips to and from base.
  • PRIVATEJETCHARTER: Is a great option for wedding parties for trips to Disneyland or the LASVEGAS Strip resorts. Your best charter planes include the Super Midsize categories of the Gulfstream 200 with up to 10 seats—or the Challanger 600 series with 12 seats. 
  • SPORTS TRAVEL OPTIONS:  Propeller Aircraft with 19 seats are an excellent option for flights under 2 hours.  The EMB 135 Jet has seating for 30 guests.  We will be here to provide you with Commercial Aircraft, this includes the Boeing 737-800 with seating for 160 travelers.
  • AIRCHARTERSERVICES:  Before we provide you with a detailed quote, we consider all the options and may provide you with prices for several plane types– you decide which options meet your needs.

JET PRICES:  Direct savings and benefits from over 50 Jet Alliance Partners with over 2,000 aircraft. Each firm is here to provide you with the Best Pricing and Highest Safety and Quality Standards. Jet Net Charters  has a jet Portal which provides you with pricing for multiple Jet Charters.  Like the quote and receive a Charter Agreement for your review and approval–  Pay the Charter Flight Operator Direct and receive a 4% cash discount.  

PRIVATE JETS, OPEN LEGS are your very best cost and savings options for a Luxury Jet to Hawaii, New York or France to see the US Women’s team champions  soccer in France.  Direct/nonstop flight options—talk to one of our flight planners at (1) 702-336-7345.

Charter Leases or special aircraft for sports teams with up to 230 seats. Take advantage of our Private Plane rate quotes and compare prices and view the different types of planes you should consider—we are here to assist, please contact one of our Team Member and will help you compare. No request is too small, please call us at P-(1) 702-336-7345

ALL AIRCRAFT TYPES:  Seating from 4-19 passengers plus the availability of Commercial Passenger Jets with up to 160 seats.  Your  custom quotes include options for Turbo, Light, Medium, Super Medium and Large Cabin Jets. 

Rates start around $3,400  per hour for the Twin Turbo—Very Light costs for the 4 seat Phenom 100 range from $3,750- toe $3,900- per hour.  Over 70% of all flights are under 1,500 Miles– a Very Light Jet or Medium Jet will meet your needs.  For Long Haul flights for 4 plus hours select a Super Mid Jet with up to 10 seats.  Visit us for a quote. 

PRIVATE JET CHARTER:  You directly save from $5,000 to $25,000 since you do NOT need to purchase annual Jet Memberships of Pricey Prepaid Jet Cards.  Net Jet Charter Agreements are issued for your flights only with guaranteed rates—no risks or obligations.  Like UBER or LYFT you only pay for your charter flight(s).

PRICES AND QUOTES FOR YOU:  Each quote is detailed with your local flight schedules and travel time.  

After you approve the rate quote—–You receive a Charter Proposal with Guaranteed rates, your flight schedules and payment options–save 4% by paying for the flight direct. Upon processing of your payment the Private Jet is confirmed.  Receive a Trip Ticket with the Tail Number of your Plane.

CHEAP PRIVATE JETS:  Save from 30 to 60% if you have a flexible schedule with open legs.  Open legs are flights which are operated to Meet and Greet Travelers or return flights with no customers returning back to base.  Our Alliance Partners are eager to recover some of the costs for fuel and crew time.  Open legs are available within 3- 13 days before departure.  Text us at (1) 702-336-7345 with your request—include your schedules, destination and number of guests.  View the City Pairs below- Be aware flights are first come- first served and will be assigned to the highest bidder.  Can’t locate your flight–please ask us for quote.

NOTICE:  Our Fly Easy software program allows us to provide you with a series of quotes between 3 and 19 days before departure.  Open Legs and deep discounted flight options are always included in our quotes for private planes of all types. Multiple quote options are extended whenever possible—for example we encourage you to consider a smaller aircraft with the same seating options and lower prices. Compare the Gulfstream V with seating for 14 passengers with the Super Midsize G200 with 10 seats and save up to $3,000 per hour.

RENT A PLANE “PERKS”:  Your quote will include special offers for upgrades, complimentary limousine services and tempting catering options exclusively for Vegas Express Jet Guests.  Also included in your detailed pricing options for health and cancellation options,  free upgrades and buffets at Las Vegas Strip Luxury Resorts.


  • Jet Net Charters is a Private Jet Portal which sources aircraft from 40 Alliance Partners—more choices for our guests, cost savings of 4% with the safety and security of direct payment to the operators.
  • FREE take advantage of special Perks such as Complimentary Limousine and Private Lounge Services.
  • Air Concierges which address all your catering and ground services requirements- special cocktail parties and receptions on the ground and in the air.
  • We take good care of your pets– we do not load your Furry Friends in the Baggage compartment and ensure that we secure Pet Approvals. 
  • Over 18 years with confidential services to the Luxury Resorts and VIP Travelers.  We never share your name or reservations data unless you provided us with “Prior” Authority.  This includes flight tracking and payment processing.

Special Deals and Options:

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OPEN LEGS AND ONE WAYS— Open legs are flight which operate to and from the hoe airport base to meet clients–flights may return empty.  Charter operators are eager to recover some of the costs for fuel and crew time and provide you with BIG savings.  Flights are posted in our system within 3-13 days before departure.  Ask us for availability and pricing options.  A flight from LAX to NYC with a Gulfstream IV with 14 seats will be reduced from $80,000 to $34,000.  For quotes


After you have approved your charter agreement, our Concierge Team will contact you for special services and catering needs.  Free custom crafted Land and Air itineraries with ground services.  This may include Limousines and or rental cars. Special Perks for hotel upgrades, complimentary breakfast are available for our VIP Jet Guests and included in your Private Jet Quote.

The Jet Net Charter Advantage:

Our Jet Portal share quotes from 50 Plus Alliance Partners with over 2,000 aircraft choices.  No need to join memberships or purchase Jet Cards.  You quote may include special options for upgrades–or down grades. You compare and decide. Air Concierges will be here to assist with complete air and ground packages which include special Perks for Upgrades and Complimentary Limousine Services.  Take advantage and save from 30-60% with our “Open Leg flights, your best buy for departures within the next 3-13 days”


The Jet Net Charter Private Journey–starts with a departure from a Private Lounge.  Special Receptions for Party or Sports event planes.  Depart from Signature Lounges and our support team on-site to introduce you to your flight and cabin crew team members.  Enjoy the journey—for support text us at P.702-336-7345

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From Private Jet Charters to Jet Hire, Jet Charter flights with leasing option we are pleased to recommend:

The King Air Twin Turbo is a commercial favorite with budget pricing from $3,400 to $3,700 per hour. Very Light Jets Like the Phenom 100 are a great option- with a range or 1300 miles about 3,2 hours flight time..  Save with our fast quotes.

Is a good choice.  For full disclosure we are a Aviation Consulting firm–it’s our objective to help you secure a Cost Efficient Jet Charter. With 50 plus Alliance Partners we select the best aircraft for your needs–we do not sell pricey memberships or Jet Cards.  You pay us a small handling fee- never any hidden charges or fees.  You Jet quote is fully transparent.

Special offers—ask us for great deals in your area:- ask us for a quote.

  • Lear 31A Jet with seating for 6 passengers, weekend departures from San Diego, Carlsbad and John Wayne. Rate of $9,950- includes Friday departure and Return on Sunday. Arrive on the Las Vegas Strip Henderson Airport.  Meet and greet services with a Private Limousine
  • Exclusive Lease Charter option with Gulfstream III with seating for up to 14 travelers–aircraft has new luxury interior. Priced at $19,900 rate includes all fees and taxes—this represents a savings of up to $10,0000- (availability is very limited due to high demand)
  • Ask us for quotes from your hometown airport.

Upgrading to a Very light or Medium Jet is a smart move- the Phenom has a range of up to 3,5 hours and seating for 4 passengers.  With a speed of 380 MPH this aircraft is a great choice for flights to and from Las Vegas and all California Airports.  This includes Van Nuys, Burbank, Long Beach, John Wayne, Carlsbad and the San Diego Airports. Prices for a Las Vegas Weekend (Friday- Sunday) will range from $9,400- to $10,200. Need help, can we assist with fast quotes. No request is too small.

For that very special occasion, a party or wedding consider a Super Midsize Jet with up to 12 seats–or the Gulfstream 200-280 with 9 seats.  Enjoy a large spacious cabin with Lay Flat Seats, WiFi and in-flight entertainment options.  Hourly rates will range from $4,400 to $6,000 per hour.  Yes you can share the charter costs with friends and family.  Please ask us for a quote.

If you’re flying into Vegas, The Wynn Hotel and Casino is the best place in town to stay! Our clients most favorite resorts include the Cosmopolitan (Young and Upscale), the MGM Park. Feel free to ask us for special perks and upgrades.

For support, please contact our Flight Desk at P.725-696-4012  or ask us for a quote.  We help you secure deep discounted Open Legs and One Way Flights with Gulfstream, Lear and Global Jets worldwide.


Jet Net Charters with Private Lounges at LAX/ Van Nuys Signature East West, Burbank, Santa Monica, Long Beach, Ontario, John Wayne (SNA), Carlsbad Palomar, San Diego. Please contact us at 725-696-4012

We make it work for your- as Aviation Consultants we do the work for you- no hard selling salesman , you avoid deals with last minute upcharges and hidden fees.  All our quotes are limited to your aircraft and flights only. No sales of pricey memberships or jetcards—-“you only pay for the charter, it’ like an Uber or Lyft no obligations or risks.  Jet Net Charters provide you with charter quotes, aircraft photos and detailed costs. We are totally focused on your security–we contact you only with your prior permission.

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