Travel Store- Special Perks

Genuine Skin Limited Edition Boeing Skin Tag for keys and Cabin Luggage

Cut from the Skin of a Retired Boeing 747 Skin of a retired 747 Aircraft—this plane tag has been engraved directly from the skin of a historic 747 decommissioned airplane.  Please accept this as a complimentary gift from the Flight Team Members of a Vegas Express Jet.  You too can hold this as a token of our appreciation with your Car Keys to continue the memories of a great flight journey—we hope that it will cause you to return soon with your guests.

For travelers who will be flying with Jet Net Charters at a later time–please accept our special offer and purchase the 747 Airplane Tag for $45-. This includes all shipping and handling charges.  You also receive a credit of $45- for your future Jet Charters with Jet Net Charters—no risks on you part!  


Jet Net Charters flight desk, dispatch, please call P.702-336-7345 for support

Our Total Care program offers you one extra level of comfort and safety. Our program is coordinated by our Jet Concierges and Bedrock Special Protection .  We will be contacting you to better understand your special needs. This include plane-side meet limousine transfers, support staff at meetings, conventions and public concerts and sports events. Please call or text us at P.(1) 702-336-7345.