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Private Jet Charter

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Take your Private Jet Charter to smaller cities not served by commercial airlines, our Team Members will be here to coordinate your flight itineraries and ground servces.


Your options are unlimited, from the Twin Turbo King and Beech with up to 19 seats.  Lear Jet with up to 8 seats. Super Mid with up to 12 seats. Gulfstream and Global Jets for International flights with up to 19 seats.

Luxury & ComfortWorldwide Destinations

Leading edge technologies provide you with the option to secure multiple quotes and one way rates on all types of aircraft.  For Private Jet Flyers with “Flexible Schedules” we provide open leg options with potential cost savings from 30 to 40%.  Best time to search for open legs between 7-13 days prior to departure.

No hidden charges or fees. All quotes are fully detailed with costs for charter hours, landing fees and taxes. You will not be exposed to hidden charges when you click and buy

With an inventory of 50 plus Alliance Partners you will be able to select any aircraft type with seating for 4-19 travelers.


Your quote is fully transparent, you will be able to view seating plans and detailed costs for Charter Hours, Fees and Taxes. No hidden fees when you :Click and Buy”

Comfort & Size

The Super Midsize Jets provides you with substantial cost savings from 15-20% per charter hours. Yet you enjoy the luxury of a Large Cabin Jet.

You’re invited to take advantage of a wide range of “Perks” with upgrades, complimentary limousine services and our exclusive PLANETAGS awards.

Day Trips and Air Cruises

Day and Weekend Journeys to the California Wineries,  depart from all Southern CA Airports or the Las Vegas Strip.  Customized itineraries upon request.  Ask us for our 2019 air cruise itinerary.

Your flight arrangements are fully confidential. Our security team will be here to assist with any special services you may require.

Private Jet Prices- Compare Ask for a Quote

Your quote will detail your flight schedules (in local times), provide you with seating plans and photos of your aircraft. Full disclosure of all charges for flight hours, taxes and fees and special dsicounts.